If you haven't already done so you can buy a Spain prepaid SIM from one of our Australian store.


Spain SIM Information

SIM TYPE Hits Mobile Prepaid SIM
Spain Country Code +34
Voice Network Frequency GSM/GPRS - 900/1800MHz
Data Network Frequency 3G HSDPA - 2100MHz
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Important Things You Should Know

  1. You can use skype and tethering with this SIM.
  2. You get first 5 min of calls to other Hits Mobiles free.
  3. To activate voicemail call 177 or 1212
  4. You get 8 free balance checks each month. After that you are charged 0.09€
  5. Calls to Australian landlines are free for first 5 min.

SIM Activation and Registration

Registering Your SIM Card

This SIM is sent unactivated/unregistered. To activate/register the SIM you need to complete the form below and then we will submit the information to Hits Mobile for registration of the SIM. The SIM number requested in the form is the 8 digit alpha-number number below the main SIM number (See below). Please double check the number before submitting the form (Please be careful to differentiate between the number 1 (after the S in the example below) and letter I (after the F in the example below)).

 hits SIM Number

As part of the registration process you will be provided with the Spain local number that is attached to your SIM. You can complete the registration process up to 12 months before your planned departure date.

Spain SIM Registration Form

If you are having trouble you can complete the form here and we will attempt to activate the SIM for you.

Adding Credit and Packages

To Add Credit to your Spain SIM online you need to follow the steps below. You can instantly add credit to your Mobi Passport Spain SIM (Hits Mobile) using Mobile Recharge. Mobile Recharge is a third party application, so you will need to go to the Mobile Recharge website to complete the transaction. Once the credit has been added you will be notified via an SMS to your phone. This typically takes less than 10 minutes once your payment is processed. What to do: 
Step 1. Follow This link to the Mobile Recharge website -> Add Credit Now 
Step 2.
 Select Spain from the country list.
Step 3.
Under Operator, select more networks then select Hits Mobile 
Step 4.
Enter your phone number and select the amount you want to add to your account. 
Step 5.
Create an account if you are a new user.
Step 6. Enter your credit card/paypal details and the address details associated with your credit card and select Place Order.

Credit and SIM Expiry

Credit does not expire, however the SIM will be cancelled 12 months from the date of last recharge.

Check Available Credit

You can check your prepaid SIM credit balance by calling 1200. Be aware that you only get 8 free balance checks per month

Online Portal Setup

Accessing the Portal

As part of the registration process you will recieve your Online Portal registration code which you will need to register for the Hits Mobile online portal. Once you have access to the portal you can view usage, modify settings, and personal details. You can register to access the online portal here.

Internet Setup and Settings

If you plan to use the Internet a lot there are 4 packages available
  1. €4.72 (Inc. VAT) - 250MB for one month
  2. €5.93 (Inc. VAT) - 500MB for one month
  3. €10.77(Inc VAT) - 1GB for one month
  4. €25.29(Inc VAT) - 3GB for one month
You can enable Internet Packages is by dialing 1212 or by logging into the Hits online portal and going to Buy -> Prepaid Packages -> then select Navega. You can also activate, renew prior to the next next or cancel Internet plans by SMSing the following codes to 22321
Plan Enable Plan Renew Plan Cancel Plan
    250MB Plan - "250 MB PACK" 500MB Plan - "500 MB PACK" 1GB Plan - "1 GB PACK" 3GB Plan - "3 GB PACK" These are valid for 30 days and then you will automatically renew if you have credit.You can view how much of your Internet package you have consumed through the Hits Online Portal

Data Settings

The Internet service is enabled by default for all clients of Hits.

But to use it, you must configure settings on your terminal. (Mobile, tablet, USB modem, etc).

Setup is extremely simple since there is no need to set parameters such as proxy, port, user, password, server, etc.. You have to configure only:
  • The parameters MCC (214) and MNC (06) that are usually configured by default.
  • APN (Access Point Name Network):
APN Type Direct. IP Recommended Use Comments
pc.hitsmobile.es Public IP Modems USB Tethering Appropriate to establish data sessions from a laptop using a USB modem. Use of this APN in a mobile phone or smartphone produces high battery consumption. So if you configure tethering is recommended to have the phone connected to power supply.
tel.hitsmobile.es Private IP Mobile Phone Smartphone It is suitable for browsing from mobile phones or smartphones in general because it uses a private IP and thus protects the client attempts to connect from the outside that could generate excessive battery consumption. not recommend using this APN in cases where the terminal is used for tethering or to make use of applications requiring necessarily have a public IP.

Instructions for changing your APN settings for iOS and Android phones are available here. If you have any suggestions on improvements to the instructions above please send an email to support@mobipassport,com

Voice and Data Rates

National Voice and Data Rates

EUR€1.00 = AUD$1.25
Calls to Other Hits Mobile SIMs Free for first 5 min
Local Voice Calls €0.09 per minute
Local SMS €0.09 per message
International SMS €0.29 per message
Calls to Australia Calls to Australian landlines are free for first 5 mins. €0.05 for each additional minute. Calls to mobiles €0.16/minute.
Internet €3 for first 10MB then €0.05 for each additional MB.
Internet Bolt Ons €4.90 - 200MB for one month €9.90 - 500MB for one month €16.90 - 1GB for one month
SIM Expiry SIM will expire after 90 days of inactivity.
VoIP and Skype VoIP and Skype work
Tethering Tethering works
The first 5 minutes of calls to Australian landlines is free. International Call Charges are available here

Data Add-Ons

If you plan to use the Internet a lot there are 3 packages available
  1. 200MB for €4.90/month
  2. 500MB for €9.90/month
  3. 1GB for €16.90/month

International Roaming

Information on international roaming with Hits Mobile Spain

Still Need Help?

1. Call 1212 free from your number hitsmobile or write an email to clientes@hitsmobile.es . 2. Email support@mobipassport.com and we will do our best to help you out.