If you haven't already done so you can buy a Thailand prepaid SIM from one of our Australian stores.

Thailand SIM Information

SIM TYPE AIS Thailand Prepaid SIM
Thailand Country Code +66
Voice Network Frequency GSM/GPRS - 900/1800MHz
Data Network Frequency 3G HSDPA - 900MHz
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Important Things You Should Know

  1. Before you depart make sure your phone is unlocked and you have familiarized yourself with the SIM and user guides.
  2. These SIMs come with a number, but are only activated by making a call in Thailand. Therefore it is not possible to use this SIM before you arrive in Thailand.
  3. This SIM comes pre-loaded with ß15 of credit.

SIM Activation and Registration

Activating Your SIM Card

You will recieved the number with your SIM card, but this SIM can only be activated in Thailand. When you arrive in Thailand you can activate the SIM by making a local call. Once you have made a call and the SIM is activated, no further registration is required and you do not need to provide any personal information to use this SIM.

Adding Credit

1. If you have a Thailand Credit Card it is possible to add credit from the AIS website. 2. You can also recharge online from this website: http://simcardsasia.com. This site is not directly affiliated with Mobi Passport, but in our experience they provide a good service. 3. Go to a shop or kiosk and purchase a refill voucher. You will be given a card with a 16 digit number. To add the credit to your account dial *120*(Top-up-code)#.

Credit and SIM Expiry

Unused credit added to this SIM will expire if not used. Below is the validity period for a range of recharge options. Credit - Validity THB10 - 1 Days THB50 - 7 Days THB100 - 15 Days THB200 - 30 Days THB300 - 45 Days THB400 - 60 Days THB600 - 90 Days THB700 - 105 Days THB1000 - 150 Days THB1500 - 365 Days The SIM will be suspended 60 days from the expiry of last recharge. It will be permanently cancelled 90 days from expiry of last recharge.

Check Available Credit

Check your current call credit by Dialling *121#. Check your remaining data credit dial *139#

Online Portal Setup

To access the online portal go to http://www.ais.co.th/12call/en/index2.html (Its in English) and enter your phone number in the eService box in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Internet Setup and Settings

There are several data plans available from AIS that can be added to this SIM. Below are the steps for enabling a data plans, and the cost of the data plan is deducted from the SIM credit.

1. Dial *121# and check you have sufficient credit to purchase the Internet or Mail Bolt On. 2. Activate one of the following bolt-ons by dialing the relevant subscription code.

1 Day Plans

 Daily Internet Plans

7 Day Plans

 7 day Internet Plans

1 Month Plans

 Monthly Internet Plans

Data Settings

The following are the settings you should use with your AIS SIM.

APN: Internet

(no user id, password or proxy needed.)

Instructions for changing your APN settings for iOS and Android phones are available here. If you have any suggestions on improvements to the instructions above please send an email to support@mobipassport,com

Voice and Data Rates

AU$1.00 = THB32.50 (THAI BAHT)
Local Voice Calls THB2 /minute for the first minute, THB 0.50 /minute for each additional minute for 24 hours.
Local SMS THB2 per SMS
International SMS THB 9 /message to most countries
International Calls 00500 International Call Rates
Internet Usage See Internet Plans
SIM Expiry SIM will expire after 90 days of inactivity.

International Call Rates

The oo5oo International call service allows you to make cheap international calls to overseas destinations.

International Roaming

The Thailand SIM supports international roaming. You can find the latest information on International voice and data roaming options here. Call rates to use your Thailand Freedom SIM while overseas are available here

Still Need Help?

1. Call 1175 from your AIS SIM or +6622719000 from any other number, send an email to callcenter@ais.co.th or go to any AIS Store.
2. Email support@mobipassport.com and we will do our best to help you out.