If you haven't already done so you can buy a Toggle Mobile prepaid SIM from one of our Australian store.

SIM TYPE Toggle Europe SIM
Country Code +44 For Primary Number
Voice Network Frequency GSM/GPRS - 900/1800MHz
Data Network Frequency 3G - 2100MHz
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Important Things You Should Know


What is a Toggle SIM

Toggle is a special SIM card designed specifically for travelers and is owned by Lyca Mobile. The SIM comes with a UK Number (e.g. +447XXXXXXXX), but it also allows you add a new local number from any of the other countries in the toggle network (you will get a new number allocated by Toggle Mobile and you cannot attach/port an existing number you might have). For example you can add an Australian Number (e.g. +614XXXXXXXX) and you will be able receive calls on both the UK number it comes with and your new Australian Number from anywhere in the world and for free on the Toggle Network. For family and friends this means they can call you on your new Australian number while you are travelling overseas and it will cost them the same amount it would to call any other Australian mobile number (and its free you to receive calls). You can add up to nine numbers from countries on the toggle network and receive calls to any of these numbers while travelling overseas (or while at home in Australia).

What is the Toggle Network

The Toggle Network is available in the following countries and uses the same networks as Lyca Mobile in these countries:
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Poland

Important Information

  1. To use data services in each country, you must first register for a local number in that country.
  2. To get the Toggle network voice and SMS rates, you must first register for a local number in that country.
  3. Even after you have registered for a local number (e.g. in France) when you make a call/send an SMS it will show up on the other persons phone as your UK number. Therefore if they want to call you back on the local number you will need to tell it to them.
  4. Each time you change country you may need to reenter your APN details.
  5. The UK Data Value Packs are automatically renewed on expiry. To cancel the auto-renewal please dial *190#.
  6. You can get a local number for up to 12 different countries on the Toggle network (Includes Australia). You can get this number before you depart.
  7. When dialing the number, ensure that you have added «+» or «00» prior to the country code and local number .
  8. This is a prepaid SIM and you must have £1 credit on the card before calls can be made.

SIM Activation and Registration

Registering Your SIM

First you need to get your UK number by inserting the SIM and dialing *132# This will generate an automated SMS that says " Your permanent TOGGLE mobile number is 447XXXXXXXXX" When you receive your number you will then need to go to the registration page on the Toggle Mobile Website and enter the Toggle UK number (replace the UK country code (44) with the number 0) and PUK Code included with your SIM (it is written on the plastic card your SIM comes in). You can complete the registration using your Australian Address by selecting Australia / Postcode Level from the country dropdown menu. When you click submit you will be sent an email with a password to login to the Toggle Portal.

Adding a Local Number

You can add a local number via the Toggle Online Portal. To Add a local number:
  1. Go To Togglemobile Local on the Toggle Online Portal.
  2. Select the Country you want to add a local number for (You can select any number from the Toggle network plus France). When you have selected a country the National Tariff will update (It is the same for all countries on the toggle network).
  3. You can also see what it will cost to call any International Number number (outside the Toggle network) from that country.
  4. Check the Box "Confirm your country for toggle mobile Local"
  5. If are travelling for more than one month or would otherwise like to keep your number for more than one more click the box "Keep my Local number for £5 per annum"
  6. Click Register and you will instantly be told what your new Toggle Local Number Is.
Screenshot after clicking Register.

Adding Credit and Packages

You can add credit using your Australian Credit Card by:
  1. Calling Toggle Mobile on 321
  2. By Voucher by Dialling *131*Voucher PIN No.#
  3. Via the Toggle Portal. (See Below)
To Add Credit Via the Online Portal
  1. Go to Online Top-Up.
  2. Enter your mobile number, select the amount you want to top-up (£10, £20, £30, £50, or £100), enter your email address and click continue.
  3. Enter your credit card details (Leave Issue Date and Issue Number blank) and click Confirm to add the credit or complete the purchase using Paypal.
Credit Expiry Credit does not expire, however the SIM will be cancelled 12 months after the last top-up. Check Available Credit To check your current balance:
  • Dial *131#
  • Press the «Call» button.
  • An information message about your balance remainder will appear in the display of your phone.
To check Data Balance
  • Dial *137#
  • Press the «Call» button.
  • An information message about your remaining data balance remainder will appear in the display of your phone.

Online Portal Setup

Accessing the Portal

Once you have your password you can now access your account information from the Toggle Portal. Below is a screenshot of the Toggle Portal which shows the options available. Form the Toggle Online portal you can:
  • Online Top-Up (Top Up Online)
  • Call History (View your Call and Data Usage History)
  • Top-Up History (View your Top-Up History)
  • Personal Details (View and Change Your Personal Details)
  • Change Password (Change you Password)
  • Togglemobile Local (Add A Local Number to Your Toggle SIM)
  • Account Details (View Your Account Details)

Internet Setup and Settings

To use Internet in any Toggle Mobile country you must first get a local number for that country. In all countries outside of the UK data is charged at £0.15/MB. Within the UK you can purchase data plans
Included Data Cost Activation Instructions Validity
500MB £5 Dial *141*5000# and follow the instruction on the screen OR Send text to 3536 by typing 5000 30 days
1GB £7.5 Dial *141*7500# and follow the instruction on the screen OR Send text to 3536 by typing 7500 30 days
2GB £10 Dial *141*1000# and follow the instruction on the screen OR Send text to 3536 by typing 1000 30 days
  For data to work you must manually change your devices APN to: APN: data.lycamobile.co.uk Username: lmuk Pwd: plus This is the same for all countries on the Toggle Network. Please be aware that you must have a local number in each country where you require data service and some phones will delete the APN settings when you roam between countries. If you find your data is not working
  1. Make sure you have signed up for a local number through the Online Portal
  2. Make sure your APN Settings are set to:
    • APN: data.lycamobile.co.uk
    • Username: lmuk
    • Pwd: plus
Instructions for changing your APN settings are available here. If you have any suggestions on improvements to the instructions above please send an email to support@mobipassport,com

Voice and Data Rates

Incoming Calls in Toggle Network Countries Free
Calls to Landlines in Toggle Network Countries £0.03 per minute
Calls to Another Toggle SIMS £0.09 per minute
Calls to Mobiles in Toggle Network Countries £0.09 per minute
Local and International SMS from Toggle Network Country. £0.09 per SMS
International Calls International Calls from £0.04/minClick here for a full list of International Call Rates on the Toggle Website.
Internet in Toggle Network Countries £0.15 per MB
Internet in UK The following data plans are available only in the UK:
  • 500MB for £5 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 1GB for £7.50 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 2GB for £10 (Valid for 30 days)
SIM Expiry 12 months after last top-up


Your toggle voicemail service has been automatically activated. Using your toggle voicemail you can:
  • Listen to messages left for you
  • Record a personalised welcome message
  • Select your preferred language
To access your voicemail from your toggle
  • Dial 121
To access your voicemail from another phone or abroad
  • Dial +44 7438 646121 and follow the instructions

Still Need Help?

Toggle Customer Support

You can contact toggle Customer Services 8.00am – 8.00pm 7 days a week. To contact customer services:
  • Dial 322 from your toggle
  • Dial 02071 322322 from another phone
  • Dial +44 7438 646322 from abroad
  • Email us at cs@togglemobile.co.uk
Email support@mobipassport.com and we will do our best to help you out.